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Novelé is an invigorating cocktail bar which is nestled among the heart of New Delhi. To appeal the crème de la crème of the capital, the lounge pertains to a unique concept of creating a theatrical dining experience where every component of the bar has been infused together to weave an enigmatic and enthralling story for its spectators.

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The Golden Trinity



Celebrity mixologists Luca Cinalli & Gabriele Manfredi from the UK have a strong hold upon mood and desire when it comes to perfecting your cocktail. The magic they helm from behind the bar is one to witness! The avant-garde kitchen is helmed by Celebrity Culinaire Akshay Nayyar whose peerless expertise will present every dish as a show stopper. Come witness the new life he brings to the food in town.

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Detox with Toxic



The cocktails have been delineated after extensive research and the liquors used in the recipes have been specially aged to intensify the taste. The unsought theatrical experience of cocktail civilization awaits our patrons. Underwater aged ingredients; Table-side cocktails; varied range of cocktail vessels and personalized glassware are just to name a few innovative experiments which will be showcased. With Novele’s cocktails, Luca and Gabriele want to appeal to the innate nuances of each guest’s palate.

Forbye the Sips


Delight the Palate



Savour the contemporary menu at Novelé, encompassed with 25 handcrafted delicacies and extensive scrutiny in cooking techniques like sous vide, thermomix and pacojet technology. The food chronicles have been enkindled from the influence of Mediterranean, Ethiopian, Peruvian, and modern Asian cuisines. In order to maintain the veracity of their handcrafted dishes and to keep the flavour at the epicentre, each ingredient used in the dishes has been sourced from the country of its origin. Novelé aims at redefining the eating experience by orchestrating it into a magnum opus escapade.

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Cardinals before Ordinals



Play a witness to the indelible and luxe experience of quintessential cocktails and toothsome food at Novele rather than a simple dine out visit.

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The Perfect



It is an exclusive members only space. The uber luxurious lounge with a magnitude of 40 pax is meant for those who like to party in privacy. Other perquisite features of the membership are embraced with premium attendant services.

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Aid and Anchor



The Kaleidoscopic Getaway is just a call away

Ground Floor, Shopping Arcade

Shangri La’s Eros Hotel

19 Ashoka Road, New Delhi

Call – 92 92 92 30 30 / 99 10 05 02 36

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